Feminism Means Nothing Anymore

I remember when I was a kid and I told everyone that I was a feminist, and remember completely what that meant to me. I figured it was about saying women were amazing creatures, and as sisters of the world, we needed to be our own army of freedom fighters. I believed in it so strongly, that I would tell all my friends about this word, what it meant, and I how I was better than them because I was one. The movement had colour and fire to it, passion in all forms. But what do we like to do to every good thing in this world? Beat it down until even the pulp has no weight.

We live in democratic society, yet judgements of the media and women are taken to such extremes. A movement thats focus is to promote equality for all races, has decided to create a wave of feminism that is equally as objectifying. We take for instance, the scandals of Miley Cyrus and the blurred lines video, and I apologize for continuing to breech this overused topic, but its what everyone wanted to talk about. Both of these artists made choices for their art, and whether we agree with the it or not, isn’t the actual problem. It is the issue of how women desire to see other women as. People are that jaded to think that a girl who is topless in a music video is being forced, ball and chain, to do it, where it was their CHOICE. If Miley Cyrus decides to bear it all, it doesn’t mean the retaliation of feminists should be she is selling herself to the media. The fact is, it was her CHOICE.


I honestly believe that women enjoy preaching the image of the independent women, even if they don’t practice it. Someone who rejects male domination and believes in herself as a strong person. When we see an image that doesn’t fit our status quo of what we think is independent, we automatically assume that the male population and the media control these abominations. I don’t disagree with the fact that the media projects an image of women that is degrading, but retaliating with an equally as awful image of female domination is not right ( Blurred Lines Feminist Parody- look it up).

I used to be proud of women standing up for what they believe in, because it had substance. It wasn’t about subjugating yourself to the media’s level and losing all respect. But now, its like even as women we have forgotten what it means to be a true feminist.¬†Fighting petty battles over a music video or some half nude pictures of a disney star isn’t our path. Feminism means to be a empathetic human being to all people. To serve the world to spread equality and justice, showing how we can all be a force to be reckoned with. . We should want to create a movement that is about helping create LESS WORLD SUCK ( thanks John Green), and help the world focus on the real issues of the world. I believe in the strength of all people, do you?