‘Real Love is Never Ambivalent’

Said the words of Belize from Angels in America, Tom Kushner’s masterpiece play.

When he said those words, Real love is never ambivalent, he mocks this idea that loving someone in its essence is never jaded, manipulated, confused, or hurt. It is never of two minds, it is never unsure or doubtful. That true, real love is guided by a pure divine intention. How misguided this belief is, he declares, because of how we don’t even believe that ourselves. We yearn to attain that sense of pure love while betraying, neglecting, and hurting those around us.

That we ourselves are not worthy of this certain love, this constant unwavering love. How self-righteous are we to expect that from some unknown person. Belize, in many ways, is completely correct. He announces what he sees, the ignorance, the pain, and the hypocrisy of the world around us.

What I have discovered, however, is that no character is ever completely trustworthy. We cannot completely trust in the words of a persona that many seem more righteous than others. I began to agree with everything Belize would say, without recognition that maybe Kushner is challenging us yet again with another opposing way of thinking.

The cynicism in mocking the idea that real love is never ambivalent concerned me at the core level, though, because it goes against everything that I’ve ever believed in. No matter how apathetic, doubtful, or critical I am of partnership in general, there will always be this completely truthful person inside who cannot fathom a life where someone never finds their love. Even if it is for a fleeting moment. I cannot imagine, cannot fathom, and would rather hide and run away than face what couldn’t be.

Maybe he is right though. Maybe we hurt each other, take each other for granted, lose respect for all the conglomerate of memories that were created from that love, and all we see are the space between it all. The void that dances between everything good and pure.

All I can see is that void.






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Dear Stupid Boy from York University


If you all haven’t heard (its a good thing if you haven’t) recently in there has been news about an eighteen year old Korean boy, Wongene Daniel Kim, who has caused the most ridiculous stir up I’ve ever read. Most of us have read articles where university students complain of being discriminated against from various reasons, whether it be cultural or just gender specific. From the same university, there has been several Muslim girls who have requested permission for divided classrooms of girls and boys to fit their individual needs, as well as many others.

This, my friends, makes me angry.

To explain this young man, a Health Science Major and York University, walked into a Women and Gender Studies Class (Already sensing the irony?), where he was alarmed to find that he was the only male in an entire class of females. He requested the professor if he could complete the work online instead of going to class, as he felt uncomfortable. The professor agreed, but told him that he would not receive any marks for attendance, projects, and participation in class. He ended up failing the course, and the boy went to the Human Rights Tribunal to say he was discriminated against.

Apparently, he wasn’t aware he was failing, as the teacher had not posted the marks online. He says, “We live in a digital era, why couldn’t she have posted the marks online? I believe if you want to attract more males to these courses, you have to work with them. My request for accommodation was reasonable.”

It goes on, but in a nut shell, I’m deeply frustrated that something like this even went to court, let alone the newspaper. Are you really going to presume that you are being discriminated against, when the only arguments you have are that you are shy around women! And that is some sort of justification for this type of disruptive sexist behaviour. I don’t care what type of religious or cultural background you are from, when you enter a university, there are certain things that universities do not have the obligation to a accommodate for. And thats your social incapabilities. If you have issues with talking to woman, fess up to those problems instead of hiding under this pathetic facade and find productive solutions. You are wasting the common citizens energy to be frank and clear.

The reason I even bring up this article is not just to shed light on the idiocy of this one student, but to reflect upon our ideals as a society. If there was a classroom of boys and one girl came in, should the professor be expected to make special arrangements for this student, who chose to be in the class? Should we continuously make schools a place that tip toes around religious and cultural ideals, or should we start mandating the core values of our society? And this isn’t to say in some cases, where a student has legitimate moral issues with certain assignments or such, that those can’t accommodated, but somehow this cases become a breeding ground for unnecessary schools of thought such as Kim’s.

I’m sick a tired of people using the word discrimination so casually, Do you even understand the weight of that word? How rooted in this history of the people that gave you the opportunity of coming to this country? It is disrespectful to try and use that word when you have so many incredible resources and tools provided for you. And you have the audacity to say you’ve ben discriminated against?

Ok. I’m calming down. My point is, in the end, try and be a productive member of your society. Face the issues that you have, and try and find ways that give a purpose for the world. Instead of screaming for attention in the most cheap way, try learning about this cultures way of life, and what we must stand for as a society.




Feminism Means Nothing Anymore

I remember when I was a kid and I told everyone that I was a feminist, and remember completely what that meant to me. I figured it was about saying women were amazing creatures, and as sisters of the world, we needed to be our own army of freedom fighters. I believed in it so strongly, that I would tell all my friends about this word, what it meant, and I how I was better than them because I was one. The movement had colour and fire to it, passion in all forms. But what do we like to do to every good thing in this world? Beat it down until even the pulp has no weight.

We live in democratic society, yet judgements of the media and women are taken to such extremes. A movement thats focus is to promote equality for all races, has decided to create a wave of feminism that is equally as objectifying. We take for instance, the scandals of Miley Cyrus and the blurred lines video, and I apologize for continuing to breech this overused topic, but its what everyone wanted to talk about. Both of these artists made choices for their art, and whether we agree with the it or not, isn’t the actual problem. It is the issue of how women desire to see other women as. People are that jaded to think that a girl who is topless in a music video is being forced, ball and chain, to do it, where it was their CHOICE. If Miley Cyrus decides to bear it all, it doesn’t mean the retaliation of feminists should be she is selling herself to the media. The fact is, it was her CHOICE.


I honestly believe that women enjoy preaching the image of the independent women, even if they don’t practice it. Someone who rejects male domination and believes in herself as a strong person. When we see an image that doesn’t fit our status quo of what we think is independent, we automatically assume that the male population and the media control these abominations. I don’t disagree with the fact that the media projects an image of women that is degrading, but retaliating with an equally as awful image of female domination is not right ( Blurred Lines Feminist Parody- look it up).

I used to be proud of women standing up for what they believe in, because it had substance. It wasn’t about subjugating yourself to the media’s level and losing all respect. But now, its like even as women we have forgotten what it means to be a true feminist. Fighting petty battles over a music video or some half nude pictures of a disney star isn’t our path. Feminism means to be a empathetic human being to all people. To serve the world to spread equality and justice, showing how we can all be a force to be reckoned with. . We should want to create a movement that is about helping create LESS WORLD SUCK ( thanks John Green), and help the world focus on the real issues of the world. I believe in the strength of all people, do you?