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Dear Stupid Boy from York University


If you all haven’t heard (its a good thing if you haven’t) recently in there has been news about an eighteen year old Korean boy, Wongene Daniel Kim, who has caused the most ridiculous stir up I’ve ever read. Most of us have read articles where university students complain of being discriminated against from various reasons, whether it be cultural or just gender specific. From the same university, there has been several Muslim girls who have requested permission for divided classrooms of girls and boys to fit their individual needs, as well as many others.

This, my friends, makes me angry.

To explain this young man, a Health Science Major and York University, walked into a Women and Gender Studies Class (Already sensing the irony?), where he was alarmed to find that he was the only male in an entire class of females. He requested the professor if he could complete the work online instead of going to class, as he felt uncomfortable. The professor agreed, but told him that he would not receive any marks for attendance, projects, and participation in class. He ended up failing the course, and the boy went to the Human Rights Tribunal to say he was discriminated against.

Apparently, he wasn’t aware he was failing, as the teacher had not posted the marks online. He says, “We live in a digital era, why couldn’t she have posted the marks online? I believe if you want to attract more males to these courses, you have to work with them. My request for accommodation was reasonable.”

It goes on, but in a nut shell, I’m deeply frustrated that something like this even went to court, let alone the newspaper. Are you really going to presume that you are being discriminated against, when the only arguments you have are that you are shy around women! And that is some sort of justification for this type of disruptive sexist behaviour. I don’t care what type of religious or cultural background you are from, when you enter a university, there are certain things that universities do not have the obligation to a accommodate for. And thats your social incapabilities. If you have issues with talking to woman, fess up to those problems instead of hiding under this pathetic facade and find productive solutions. You are wasting the common citizens energy to be frank and clear.

The reason I even bring up this article is not just to shed light on the idiocy of this one student, but to reflect upon our ideals as a society. If there was a classroom of boys and one girl came in, should the professor be expected to make special arrangements for this student, who chose to be in the class? Should we continuously make schools a place that tip toes around religious and cultural ideals, or should we start mandating the core values of our society? And this isn’t to say in some cases, where a student has legitimate moral issues with certain assignments or such, that those can’t accommodated, but somehow this cases become a breeding ground for unnecessary schools of thought such as Kim’s.

I’m sick a tired of people using the word discrimination so casually, Do you even understand the weight of that word? How rooted in this history of the people that gave you the opportunity of coming to this country? It is disrespectful to try and use that word when you have so many incredible resources and tools provided for you. And you have the audacity to say you’ve ben discriminated against?

Ok. I’m calming down. My point is, in the end, try and be a productive member of your society. Face the issues that you have, and try and find ways that give a purpose for the world. Instead of screaming for attention in the most cheap way, try learning about this cultures way of life, and what we must stand for as a society.



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Why I love Mindy Kalling


Just a quick update on the current love of my life. Its hard to say when the love turned into any obsession, but it happened way quicker than I thought it would. It all started with conversations I’ve had with my brother, in which he predicts all the different possible outcomes of my life. After a stream of lukewarm ones, he finally lands on “You know the Indian girl on the Office? DO YOU KNOW HER LIFE STORY?” I then learn of all the amazing things shes done for herself, just by working as hard as she could and being as hilarious as she is. The women is a writer, producer, actress, comedian, etc,etc, but I bet you already knew that through wikipedia.

In any case, none of those conversations really led to want to really figure who she is, because I for some reason have a complex in which I dont like to follow what a mass group of people likes. Flashforward, like 6 months later, Im sitting in best friends house and she’s showing me passages of her hilarious memoir, and Im trying again, really hard not to like her as much as I want, and I still refuse. I finally gave about 1 week from today, in which I discovered

dun dun dun

The Mindy Project

If you have not already watched this show, what are you doing? Please, please, with all my heart I am telling you need this show in your life. If not to furthur distract you in your never ending list of shows that everyone is telling that “you haave to watch” (imagine the voice of janice from friends saying this.), then at least be that one soul sliver of light in you mundane life. She plays a 30 year old doctor who honesty, barely does the doctor stuff, and has more hilarious personal drama to occupy her life. Her friends consist of weird middle aged italian men, a convict nurse, stoner receptionists, and more. Her work in the show The Office probably helped with the really random comedy.

I think the thing that makes her so accessible, is her total unabashed confidence in herself. She is totally authentic in what she does, and I guess thats part of the reason she’s so hilarious. A show of awkwardness and brutal honesty, I recommend you all check it out for a daily chuckle 🙂



10 Ways to Win Over Your Brown-in laws

For the sake of all the non Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan/Brown Coloured Individuals out there, if you ever decide to marry us, what you should be weary of. If you are Desi and you don’t already know these things…where have you been? You should have know this from birth.

In any case, I will help you, pathetic desi-loving individuals, in the pursuit of winning over your in-laws.

1.) If you are of the following races: white, black, hispanic (it is a colour), asian, and or something not identifiable, you have to work that much harder. You approval rating has already gone down 40%. Its a proven study.

2.) Don’t wear revealing clothing, or even better, wear Indian clothing. This goes for boys and girls. You boys with your buttons open to show more boobage than girls ever do, and the vortex that is your chest hair. Seriously, no-one wants to see that. Your mother-in-law could be raping you with her eyes. Think about it. And girls, brown parents judge you anyways, don’t give them another reason to talk shit.

3.) Don’t leave your hair out. Get those strands out and away from your face, and depending on how traditional the parents are, you may need to put it in a braid and have jasmine flowers pinned in. Look the part ladies, and don’t be bums boys.

4.) Always bring a gift, usually fruit or a flower pot. Don’t be giving sari’s and chocolate until your sure they don’t hate you.

5.) *HIGHLY IMPORTANT* NEVER sit idly. Your Desi in-laws will automatically assume your either dumb, mute, incompetent, or rude.

6.) IF your uneducated and your from a middle class house hold, you might as well give up while your trying.

7.) If your male, have a job. Or at least make shit up about what your profession is. Unemployment= Disapproval.

This leads me the next point,

8.) If your in an obscure profession, save yourself the time explaining and play it up. For example, Urban Planner = Architect.

9.) If your mother-in-law is getting chai, the girl must instintually accompany her in serving. During this process, the male must engage in riveting conversation with the father-in-law about politics, how the government is corrupt, and cricket.

10.) If all fails, say that you are a doctor. They wont care about anything you say after that.

Trust me on this, as racist and shallow brown parents seem, they’re really not that bad…