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Why I love Mindy Kalling


Just a quick update on the current love of my life. Its hard to say when the love turned into any obsession, but it happened way quicker than I thought it would. It all started with conversations I’ve had with my brother, in which he predicts all the different possible outcomes of my life. After a stream of lukewarm ones, he finally lands on “You know the Indian girl on the Office? DO YOU KNOW HER LIFE STORY?” I then learn of all the amazing things shes done for herself, just by working as hard as she could and being as hilarious as she is. The women is a writer, producer, actress, comedian, etc,etc, but I bet you already knew that through wikipedia.

In any case, none of those conversations really led to want to really figure who she is, because I for some reason have a complex in which I dont like to follow what a mass group of people likes. Flashforward, like 6 months later, Im sitting in best friends house and she’s showing me passages of her hilarious memoir, and Im trying again, really hard not to like her as much as I want, and I still refuse. I finally gave about 1 week from today, in which I discovered

dun dun dun

The Mindy Project

If you have not already watched this show, what are you doing? Please, please, with all my heart I am telling you need this show in your life. If not to furthur distract you in your never ending list of shows that everyone is telling that “you haave to watch” (imagine the voice of janice from friends saying this.), then at least be that one soul sliver of light in you mundane life. She plays a 30 year old doctor who honesty, barely does the doctor stuff, and has more hilarious personal drama to occupy her life. Her friends consist of weird middle aged italian men, a convict nurse, stoner receptionists, and more. Her work in the show The Office probably helped with the really random comedy.

I think the thing that makes her so accessible, is her total unabashed confidence in herself. She is totally authentic in what she does, and I guess thats part of the reason she’s so hilarious. A show of awkwardness and brutal honesty, I recommend you all check it out for a daily chuckle 🙂



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